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Teri and her Super X

Teri Peterson

Latest News: 08/07: (From Waz) - Teri is now at Sister Kenny. She is in room 2344, Bed 1. Her phone number is
612-863-2242. Teri is going to spend a week getting into a routine, which includes three hours of therapy a day. After the week, Mike (and Teri?) will attend an orientation with the staff (Tuesday at 4:00, I think Mike said). I'm assuming they are spending the week assessing her needs in order to develop a plan for her remaining therapy. It sounds like the body cast will be on for at least another 10 weeks. Teri has been sitting up and she sat in a wheelchair for the first time yesterday. Mike said that Teri would love phone calls and visitors. I would suggest you call her prior to visiting to
ensure she isn't in therapy and that therapy didn't wipe her out. Just a suggestion. I think her schedule is open after 4:00 p.m. each day. I don't know about lunch and forgot to ask (another reason to call first). I'm sure it will be easier to know when to visit once Sister Kenny determines what her schedule is going to be. The address is 800 E. 28th Street, in Minneapolis. Sister Kenny is attached to Abbott Northwestern Hospital (if that makes it any easier for someone to
find it). Sister Kenny is VERY good at what they do.

08/02: (From Waz) - I talked to Teri yesterday afternoon (8/1/02) at around 5.  She is feeling so much
better.  The surgery was very successful.  The doctor told her that the spinal cord was not even kinked - let along severed.  She even claims to have had some feeling in one of her toes but acknowledges that it could be phantom.  Anyway, she's in a body cast but it's not the usual plaster thing that we think of when we think cast.  It's more of a straight-jacket contraption with a bunch of heavy canvas cloth and Velcro.  She should be out of the hospital in a week or so then off to the rehab center.  This is some good news for a change.

07/29: (From Waz) - The surgery to stabilize her back is scheduled for this Wednesday. It will be a 10-hour ordeal. When I talked to Teri in the past, she must have been confused when I asked about her surgery date - it's always been scheduled for 7/31. The procedure that she had performed last Friday was to put a filter in her main blood vein. This will prevent blood clots from coming up from her legs and getting to her heart. The clots are forming in her legs due to her immobility. Another problem that she's experiencing because she is laying flat on her back is fluid building up in her lungs. They have been using a procedure to remove the fluid but they use monitors to determine when
she needs the procedure performed. Over the weekend, her monitors were disconnected (I don't know why). Fortunately, a doctor happened by just as she was about to give up trying to breathe - he saved her life. She's now in a different room I don't know if it had anything to do with the monitors not being on. The phone and room numbers that were posted for her have changed. Some poor woman is tired of hearing from us as she now has Teri's old room and phone number. Tuesday will be a day of rest for Teri as she prepares for the day-long surgery. I doubt if she will be taking any calls. I'll try to call her on Thursday to see how things went. If she's not up to talking, she simply won't answer the phone. After surgery, she'll spend another two weeks in the hospital. After that, it's off to Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Services where she'll go through extensive physical therapy and rehab. I'm saddened to report that it's
unlikely that she'll ever walk again. Those of us fortunate enough to know Teri well know that she is not going to give up on walking again. I'm sure that she knows that we're not going to give up on her either.

07/24:(From Waz) - Talked to Teri again this afternoon (Wednesday, 7/24).  They've stabilized her platelets level but want to ensure that it remains stable for a day or so.  Surgery is now scheduled for Friday.

07/23: (From Waz) - Teri's surgery was postponed due to a blood platelet problem. Teri is still upbeat and optimistic about her recovery. Not much else to report.

07/20: (From Waz): - I spoke with Teri late yesterday (7/19) - about 4:00 PM CDT. I have to say, it's like calling her at home. She's in good spirits and quite optimistic. Her bike is still in impound pending some stuff that needs to be done by the insurance company. Then, her brother is going to get it out and store it for her. Some people that saw the bike say it's totaled - others say it's very fixable. That will likely be an insurance call. Teri is looking forward to fixing it and riding again. Still no word back from the other neurologists. Surgery will go on at 7:00 AM CDT Monday and will last between 7 and 10 hours. Time will tell what comes of it. As far as other injuries are concerned, she says that the doctors have not been very forthcoming about that. She does know that she had a damaged spleen and thinks she has a broker scapula as well. No other casts on her body though. My brother - also a friend of Teri's - stopped by the accident site to pick up any parts. Got a mirror and headlight. The headlight was buried in the ground. Looking at the investigation markings on the highway, it appears as though she simply fell asleep. She went completely straight when the highway curved. Fortunately, there was no traffic in the south bound lanes and she missed a little tree by about 2 feet.

Teri's room is full of flowers from well wishers and she is very grateful for our support and prayers. Even if you're not the religious type, keep her in your thoughts throughout Monday as she undergoes surgery.

07/16: (From Waz) - I talked to Teri Peterson this morning (7/16). I just got off the phone with Teri.  She's feeling much better but, I'm afraid, the prognosis is not good.  She has two crushed vertebrae - numbers 5 and 6.  At this point, she has the use of her upper body but no sensation in her lower body.  Right now, her whole body is pretty swollen up from the trauma so that may be putting some excess pressure on the spine as well. They're getting some more opinions from other neurologists before they operate.  This certainly can be a life-altering operation.  It likely will be.  She's hoping for a miracle and is moved by the outpouring of support from us - her fellow riders, friends and family.  She's glad that we carried on during the rally.  She wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  Her motorcycle is being taken care of by her brother Mike.  She simply missed the right-hand curve going past the light at 169 and 41 going into the light at 169 and 69 (into Shakopee).  She had a lot of visitors yesterday and would rather not have anymore for a day or
two.  I'll keep in touch with her to see when she's feeling up to accepting visitors.  That's it for now.  I didn't ask about anymore injuries such as broken bones or internal injuries nor did I press her on what exactly happened.  I do know that she was in the north bound lane and went off the road to the left, through the median, over the two south-bound lanes and into the ditch on the other side of the south-bound lanes.  When Jumper found her, she was still with the bike so she must have ridden it all the way down.

07/12: From Jennie Hanlon - Teri Peterson, X #849, crashed her bike heading into a turn on her way home from the X Rally on Thursday, 07/11/02. She is in critical condition and has one operation already to stop internal bleeding and will undergo surgeries for fractures once her condition has stabilized. Right now, the prognosis is that she is paralyzed, but they are going to do some tests.

Teri is the Recording Secretary of the Pioneer Chapter of the Excelsior-Henderson Riders Club. She is one of the few women who bought and ride a Super X. She helped out at many events when Excelsior-Henderson was in business, and has been a highly regarded member of the X Community. Jennie Hanlon asks that we all keep Teri in our prayers. 


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